Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nothing says love like a mealworm

It's getting cold here. And there isn't a whole lot of sunshine lately (today the sun set at 3:52 pm). And have I mentioned it rains a lot?

But I have wooley socks, insulated windows, a fireplace, chocolate cookies, wine and Wellies. Not true for the birds this time of year. It's not easy for them. Outdoors all the time, always on the go, wet, chilly, food sources gone for the most part. The least I can do is make sure my feeder is full. So today I went to the local garden shop for some provisions.

I'm finding that the English are real softies when it comes to wildlife. Sure, there's that whole fox hunting tradition, but really at the end of the day there's also a lot of love for animals, and especially birds. Hence the gigantic section of Garson's devoted to "bird care" with every conceivable type of bird treat, feeder, shelter, bathing receptacle, and nesting aide. What did I leave the store with? Ten cakes of suet and a bag of seeds specially formulated for robins and blue tits (two of the most common visitors to my yard) and a bucket of mealworms.

I admit I was mildly nauseated after reading the instructions:

"They can be fed year round straight from the pack or re-hydrated for 15 minutes or until soft. Re-hydration will further enhance their appeal to birds."

Their appeal....

Well, tomaytoe, tuhmahto, right? I'm not the one eating it. The label promised maximum energy for my little friends, so into the cart it went.

So bon appetit, blue tits! Sláinte, starlings! L'Chaim, lapwings!

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