Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A number of people have asked about the name of this blog.

It's a Spanish word with no equivalent in English I'm aware of. It refers to the time spent gathered around a table talking after a meal. I've always loved the term--sobremesa is one of my absolute favorite times. It's social. It can be relaxing and at the same time energizing. But most importantly, for me, it's a time to savor, digest, and appreciate.

When I decided to do a blog I thought Sobremesa would be the perfect title to reflect my intentions. It is so easy to rush through any given day without noticing or valuing small, common things, let alone deriving genuine happiness from them. Maintaining this blog helps me remain observant and curious. It inspires small bursts of creativity. It helps me see beauty in the pedestrian. It reminds me to savor, digest, and appreciate. And when I'm doing all that, I'm happiest.

For better or for worse, what you read here is what I'd probably be chatting about if we found ourselves sitting around the table after dinner.


stephen mejias said...

I love this.

dita said...

Hmmmm, I also love the Sobremesa time. It's a very appropriate name for this blog, too. I wonder why there isn't such a term in English. Is it an adopted habit? I mean, I'm sure English-speaking people also do sobremesa... I found this discussion on the term in WordReference.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i'd like you to know that "sobremesa" is also a portuguese word. it means dessert, the sweet after the lunch or dinner.
have a good sobremesa, marta