Thursday, November 30, 2006

I can't believe I've lived here 6 months and have not been paying attention to football

I suppose it would help if we had television. I mean, we have a TV, but no TV service. For now it's just hooked up to the DVD player so we can watch movies and documentaries. This is part laziness in dealing with the cable people, part experiment in recapturing our lives from crap TV. But unfortunately, it means I am missing out on all sorts of sports, or 'sport' as they say here.

(photo: BBC Sport)

Lucky Scott was at the Fulham-Arsenal game last night. For those of you who don't follow Premiere League football, this was a pretty big game and when the dust settled, Fulham emerged victorious--the first time they'd beaten Arsenal in 40 years!

He called me from his fancy corporate box seats to let me hear the crowd. Amazing chants!

Same old Arsenal
Same old Arsenal
Always cheating!


We are Fulham
We are Fulham
Fuck Chelsea!

(um, but aren't you guys playing Arsenal right now? I guess it doesn't matter...)

There is an effort underway to produce an extra ticket for yours truly for Saturday's game between Arsenal and the Tottenham Hotspurs. Otherwise, I will have to enjoy it vicariously via Scott's mobile phone.


Jim Teacher said...

Brian McBride, the Greatest American Hero, is on Fulhman ain't he? That said, Thierry Henri is still the man.

The anti-Chelsea chant reminds me of being at a Rangers-Sabres game and hearing "Fuck Boston" chants. We all have our rivalries, I guess.

CC said...

Yes, I LOVE Henri. It is a totally different experience to see athletes like that play in person. I saw Wayne Gretzky skate in one of his last games and he was like a ballerina among a herd of bulls.