Friday, September 22, 2006

Virginia Beach Highlights

Random musings from Virginia Beach, where I've spent the past week visiting my mom to celebrate her 70th birthday:

1. I am driving a rental car. All Enterprise had was a periwinkle PT Cruiser. Does the fact that I feel absolutely, totally ridiculous being seen in it make me a vain person?

2. The Shriners are in town for some sort of convention, coming from all parts of the country it seems--they turn up everywhere you look, and the whole town is draped with Shriner flags. They drive "wacky" cars down the main street and seem to need to wear nametags at all times. And check out the hats!

3. I have seen bottle nose dolphins FOUR times! I've been running on the beach in the mornings and have seen them pretty close to shore. This morning I stopped in the middle of my run to watch a group of about 15-20 frolicking just beyond where the waves began to break. It was amazing. They were spraying from their blow holes, flipping their tails and leaping out of the water. I was the only one on the beach, so I had the experience all to myself.

4. My mother and I spent the better part of yesterday engineering a lo-tech (but hopefully effective) cooling transport system that will allow me to bring some of her famous eggplant parmesan back to the UK for Scott, who is its number one fan.

5. I love pelicans. I saw a group of about 6 brown pelicans gliding inches above the surf this morning while I was running. They buzzed right by me on their way to dive in for fish!

6. I spotted a doe and its fawn nibbling shrubbery by the 7-11 down the road from my mom's house. I am not sure whether this is heartbreaking or hopeful.


jasmine said...

I too love pelicans, but almost as much, I love the idea of a people who wear name tags at all times!

annah said...

1. We got an ELECTRIC blue PT cruiser from Enterprise in Toronto. It was painful.

2. I'm going to have to stick up for the Shriners, since my dad was one (imagine being a kid with all those weird vehicles and funny hats -- it was heaven) -- they give incredible amounts of money to children's hospitals.

CC said...

Wow, your dad was a Shriner?? I would have loved that as a kid. I remember as a 5 year old wanting more than anything to join the Knights of Columbus so I could wear a cape and a plumed hat and march in parades. Can you imagine the heartbreak when I learned it was men only?!

stephen said...

Kelli and I drove a pathetic blue PT Cruiser around the coast of Maine, feeling like a couple of dorks. We joked the entire journey over how much our car sucked.

F you Enterprise. (Though I love your prices.)

boz said...

you think Eggplant parmesan will make it past customs??

you should not feel vain about the PT Cruiser. The car was designed with the intention of going past the showroom and straight to the cheap rental fleet lot.