Friday, September 15, 2006

Born in the USA

Visiting the States for 10 days and I was unexpectedly made happy by overhearing the New Jersey Accent. I spent 45 minutes waiting to check into my flight at Gatwick yesterday in front of an elderly couple from my home state. They were Italian-American. They had just visited Rome. They were about 5 feet tall. They bickered constantly.

"Sal, get a cart, will ya?"

"I don't wanna put my luggage on a fuckin' cart--what is this, the supermarket?"

"Wha? Why you so grouchy?"

"Marone! Look, you're holdin up the friggin line already."

And so on and so on, into infinity.

But I found listening to them strangely comforting. Like Kraft macaroni and cheese. You know it is gross and unhealthy but you still regard it as an occasional treat.


Anonymous said...
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stephen mejias said...

Hi! If you don't have something important to say about:

1. slugs
2. spiders
3. smoking weed on the beach,

then you can just:
Take your money and shove it.

Annah said...

I can't tell you how glad I am you turned the comment option on.