Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spider Hiatus and the Wrath of the Brazilian Clipper Bug

I know I've been heavy on the spiders, but they seem to be everywhere these days. Take this cool Cross Spider that I found in the garden last night:

I showed Scott my photos last night as I downloaded them to the computer. He actually stood back from the monitor, slightly behind me, as if shielding himself. He leaned in, face grimacing, and then he recoiled. "Ueugh! UEUGH!! Come on, why do you do it to me?! I don't want to look at those things--I'm going to have nightmares, dammit!"

Turns out I am the one who dreamed that a crate of "Brazilian Clipper Bugs" (name fabricated by my subconscious) the size of Scottish Terriers was accidentally let loose in our house. They were fast moving, aggressive, and equipped with venomous, lobster-like pincers. They chased us around the house; our only defense was Scott jabbing ineffectively with a broom. We were separated (strategically--the Brazilian Clipper Bugs also had super human intelligence) and I was cornered. I tried to call to Scott to come swat me to safety, but no sound came out. I tried again. Nothing. Finally, I managed to get a scream out, which woke both of us up at around 4 am.

So, no more spiders for a while.

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