Tuesday, March 13, 2007

White Cliffs of Dover

Earlier this year, after visiting the Cabinet War Rooms (the underground bunker where Churchill was based during the Blitz), I realized this is the aesthetic I want for our home office. I'm not aiming for the bunker feel, mind you, but I find the furniture and office equipment really stylish and beautiful (not to mention 1000 times better made than the crap you can buy at Staples in 2007).

Take a look:

What better way to furnish a 1942 inspired office than via eBay? So yesterday I drove 2 hours down to Dover, on the coast, to pick up the beautiful 1940s desk I'd purchased for £62 from a retired couple downsizing their cottage. It belonged to the husband's brother, who worked for a shipping line in London. You can still see the various shipping line stamps inside the top drawer. (More 1940s eBay purchases in the pipeline--Scott, ever skeptical, asked me this morning if I'd fallen into some "weird online subculture." Once the office is complete I'll post some photos).

Anyway, while I was there I figured I ought to check out the famed White Cliffs of Dover. Similar to Burling Gap, though the huge port at Dover detracts from the bucolic prettiness. But I grew up gazing fondly across the water at the ports of Newark and Elizabeth, so I'm partial to industrial landscapes. I watched the ships for a while and then set off for a two-hour walk along the cliffs. The sun was really strong, so by the hike's end I was down to a t-shirt, having shed my coat and sweaters. It was so peaceful and quiet. England is such a beautiful place.

I've posted a photo album online if you'd like to see. [the easiest way to see the photos is to double click on the first one and then use the arrows to scroll through the album]

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