Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank you, Judi Dench

Not only is Judi Dench amazing on the big screen, I can now admire her for simplifying my relationship with my hairdresser.

Without sounding too much like a Cosmo woman here (Lose That Last .5 Pounds Now! Hottest Spring Accessories for Under $800! Find out Which Part(s) of Your Body He Secretly Wants to Airbrush!), I think many women have frustrating relationships with the people who cut their hair. I know I do. I usually bring tons of photos of (usually unattainable) styles torn from magazines. We discuss what I want. I'm usually worried he or she is not totally listening. And then I always wind up with the exact same hair cut, give or take an inch.

One exception is the six month period last year when my hairdresser in Brooklyn convinced me to sport a reverse mullet. This short-lived look is, unfortunately, captured on both my drivers license and passport.

Yesterday, I had a breakthrough. Instead of bringing my normal cache of supporting materials, I just went in the salon door and asked Sinéad, my new hairdresser, to cut my hair exactly like Judi Dench. Why didn't I think of that before?


Jim Teacher said...

Is "reverse mullet" kinda like the old "Flock of Seagulls" look?

CC said...

No, but that may be a future direction for me! My reverse mullet was short in the back but the front/sides were kind of long, not unlike cocker spaniel ears. I think I was dazzled by my hairdresser working on photo shoots with Mischa Barton and George Clooney. I figured she was guiding me to a new level of style--who was I to question her?