Saturday, November 11, 2006

To the snail I ate in Tremolat, France

I'm sorry. When I ordered the surprise tasting menu at Le Vieux Logis (by far the best meal of our trip) and asked if the chef could prepare it without meat, I did not know that in France you do not count as meat. My French is poor and I did not understand what the waiter said when he placed you in front of me in a small, delicate cup. You were obscured by a foamy sauce with a pleasing aroma. I thought you were an exotic mushroom. I had eaten half of you before it seemed that your body was too fiberous to be a mushroom. I had eaten three quarters of you before I sensed you were possibly a snail. Although I admit you were very tasty, it was a total accident and it will never happen again. Please don't tell any of the snails or slugs in my yard. They would never pose for me again.

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jasmine said...

Have you read Mary Oliver's poem, The Fish? Now I feel justified loving fish and eating them. Maybe this will help you with snails and slugs and escargot.