Thursday, October 26, 2006

If you don't look good...

I broke down and cut my hair yesterday, part of the continuous cycle in which I shear it off, and then slowly wait for it to grow back (+/- 6 months) during which time I start to think "hey, maybe I'll grow it long." When it reaches the point where I no longer feel I can go out in public, I remember why short hair is so much more flattering and interesting on me, and then off it goes.

With no hairstylist recommendations (believe me, I searched) in London, I chose Vidal Sassoon for no other reason than that they seem to value intensive training, and that was the closest thing to a failsafe.

I was hoping the experience would be a bit more dramatic than it turned out to be, that there'd be avant garde hairstyles left and right and that I'd have my hair analyzed by a team of experts in black turtlenecks who would produce the most amazing look ever for my bone structure and hair type.

Instead, my stylist confided, when I complimented her on her short style, that she'd had to cut it off after a bleach job gone bad. Great. She then immediately cut the back and sides much shorter than I'd asked. By the time she was done with me, I looked more like Dorothy Hamill than the sleek models on the Vidal Sassoon promotional materials.

But hair grows back. And I have had worse haircuts. And at least I won't look back on my France photos and wonder why I was sporting a Florence Henderson mullet (which is what my hair had begun to resemble).

Here are some photos:



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Jasmine said...

on the contrary, I think you look chic