Friday, October 27, 2006

Don't turn your back on a pelican

You will never look at a pelican the same way again after reading this article. Scott and I were walking with his mother in St. James Park in London a few weeks back, admiring the water fowl which for some reason includes pelicans, and he claimed he had witnessed the exact same occurance. "Oh, yeah, sure," we told him, convinced he was telling one of his typical tall tales*. So when he came across this in the paper yesterday he immediately brought it to my attention.


*Scott's mom told me that the family became so immune to his tricks that when he was ten, and the kitchen caught fire, no one believed him when he called for help. He has not changed. Several years back, Scott convinced his brother, after a trip to the Pacific Northwest, that he'd gone humpback whale riding. He explained in detail the saddles custom made for the whales, how riders wear special harnesses, and the special "release" feature that allows a rider to detatch from the harness quickly in case the whale suddenly dives far below the surface.

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