Friday, March 20, 2009

It's the little things

Scott works really hard. His job is demanding and takes up most of his time and energy. I've tried to get used to constant interruptions to conversations, meals, nature walks, entire holiday weekends. I've even retrained myself (mostly) not to talk to him on the bus in the morning as he taps away on his blackberry. It's not a natural state--he may be physically present but his brain is in an e-fog. I often feel like a minimized window as Scott multitasks (and I know that it's even worse for Scott--at least I'm not under the pressue he is). Next Guy Fawkes, I may burn a blackberry in effigy (Scott is tired of this joke).

So it was a pleasant surprise last night that on our brisk, chilly walk home from the bus stop, over the bridge, across the green and down our street, Scott and I shared my headphones and listened to The Smiths on my iPod. A completely ordinary thing, and yet it has been the highlight of my week. For what felt like forever, we were connected, in sync, and his blackberry stayed in his pocket.

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