Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mobile images

I've been so busy with work, life, travel, everything these days that I've sadly had little time for creative pursuits. In desperation, I've begun snapping a great volume of pictures with my mobile phone, usually while commuting or running errands, anything to feel a bit more creative. My mobile camera is quite poor, which is fun because it makes taking interesting images all the more challenging.

I remember reading an interview with a Cuban filmmaker who was asked whether his country's limited resources prevented him from realising his vision for a particular movie. To the contrary, he said the constraints forced him to be even more creative. Not that my little mobile images are on par with Cuban cinema, but you get the idea.

(Click images to see them full sized)

Self portrait, Southbank, London

Parking ramp, Kingston-upon-Thames

Detail of sculpture, British Museum

Saturday night boxing at York Hall Leisure Centre, Bethnal Green

Southwark Tube station

Car wash, West Kensington

Foggy morning on the Thames, as seen crossing Kew Bridge

Phone booths, Turnam Green

Rainy evening, Oxford Street

Scott at Prince of Wales, Esher

'Reflection', Antony Gormley sculpture, Euston Street

Rising moon and solitary porch light, Kew Green

Escalator, Oxford Circus Tube station

Scott in reflection, morning commute on #391 bus

Self portrait, upper deck of #65 bus, rain

Self portrait, morning commute, #391 bus

Waiting for my ride, lonely road, Esher railway station

Evening commute, rain

Wintery platform, Hammersmith Tube station

Elderly man's reflection, upper deck, #267 bus

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