Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sweet Mental Revenge

Scott came across this amazing Waylon Jennings clip from 1966. The lyrics are acid. And how unflappably cool is he?? Check out how he moves his shoulders at about 9 seconds.

"I hope the friend you've thrown yourself with, he gets drunk and loses his job./ Every road that you travel on is dusty, rocky and hard."

And how about this one--does he not make the most electric eye contact with the camera (1:18)?

Who's Waylon Jennings, you ask? Scott says it is disrespectful and taints his legacy for me to mention this (as it is the least cool thing he did and he probably did it for the money during a career low), but since country music isn't everyone's cup of tea (not sure why) some of you may not be familiar with Waylon Jennings. But you've heard him before:

Scott just walked out of the room. "He's probably turning in his fucking grave."

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Stephen Mejias said...

Pretty slick guitar work, too. Totally badass. Great clips, including the Dukes.