Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scottish People Make Me Feel Dumb

Without fail, I always feel like a fool when I converse with Scottish people. Why? Because I often have trouble understanding them, often when they are asking a question. I usually just say something that I hope answers what I think is their question but it often comes off as totally non sequitur.

Take this exchange from earlier today:

Scottish man in my office: Jahve a nigh wig in then?

Me: Uh, yeah, um it is really cold in here today.

SMIMO (puzzled expression): Tis, yeah. (pause) So, jahve a nigh wig in then?

Me (brain racing): Um...OH! Did I have a nice weekend? Yes, I did, thanks. And you?


Stephen Mejias said...

Hilarious. Our VP is Scottish. I can't understand a bloody word he says. And he's the last guy in the world (or at least the office) that I want to feel dumb around.

Whenever he visits, I find myself just smiling and nodding a lot.

Jim Teacher said...

Ah dinna knae yih canna understand may, Stephen. -- Your VP