Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Started my new job last week and have not had the time, unfortunately, for any blog posts. Hopefully this is not a long term trend, but rather a matter of adjusting to a new schedule.

Scott and I spent a fun weekend in Amsterdam visiting our friend Erik and his wife, Mirjam. Erik was part of our circle of friends back in NY but moved back to the Netherlands several years ago. We hadn't seen him in 5 years!

One of the trip's top highlights was their charming 2 & a half year old, Maurits. He spoke to us in Dutch, we pretended we knew what he was saying when translation wasn't available. Under his tutelage, we learned how to say "hey ducks, come here" in the local tongue. He addressed me as "Kus-tee" and sometimes "Koo-stee" and Scott as "Slote" "Stock" and, inexplicably, "Sabrina."

Here are some photos of us tooling around the city, including taking in the very beautiful 1300s-era Old Church (De Oude Kerk), the canals, and the farmer's market. And may I add that pushing a stroller through the red light district is a very odd experience!

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