Thursday, February 08, 2007

High Street Haikus

Because a certain person might be finalizing negotiations on a job that will take her out of the house and into the warm glow of daily social interaction, and owing to the recent wardrobe issues that same person has noticed, today was shopping day in London.

The goal was to find a few pieces to liven up my late winter look, and maybe help me transition to spring. You know, things that would make me look smart, put together and stylish at my almost-in-the-bag new job (I will divulge all details when and if it's finalized).

I hate shopping. I detest the crowds, the blasting artificial heat, the repetitive taking off and putting on of clothing (especially in winter). And I'm a frugal person so I always feel guilty for spending money, and with the current exchange rate (£1 = $2) I have a harder time than usual buying clothes.

But London is such a stylish city, and people here have so much fun with clothes. The trendy high street shops like TopShop and Miss Selfridge are completely irreverent, with lots of loud, fun, daring stuff. You'd have to be the wettest wet blanket not to approach shopping here with at least a little twinkle in your eye.

After 4 hours, my eye twinkle was long gone but I did have a new sweater, a new purse, and a few new haikus:

Marilyn Manson
playing at this high volume
makes me want to leave

All the clothes in here
are plaid neon tent dresses
Who authorized this?

Trendy tunic dress
you are just a little short
I am not Twiggy


stephen said...

Dude, you always look smart, put together, and stylish. Even in grandma clothes. You can't help it.

CC said...

Aww, thanks...