Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Clip

Are there any bands who, while you were growing up, you were vaguely aware of because you occasionally heard them on the oldies station or while shopping in Sears with your mother, or whatever, and although you didn't know who they were, you did know that they were over the hill and NOT cool?

For example, I remember right before the start of 8th grade I was shopping with my friends Ruben and Steven for that season's back to school must-have, the leather bomber jacket, and The Doors came on the store's radio. We'd never heard of The Doors but we sort of recognized the song and "Come on, baby, light my fire" seemed to us the pinnacle of corniness. We were struck by fits of giggles, and Steven embarrassed me by singing the chorus over and over as I dodged behind racks of clothes to avoid being seen with him. The three of us continued singing it to each other in mock seriousness for weeks on end.

The Eagles are another such band. And I'm still not a fan of all of their stuff. But now that I'm more musically open minded (or just older and less cool), I really love this song (recorded live at the BBC studios in 1973):


stephen said...

Because I trust you - and for no other reason - I watched the video. Thank you. Very lovely, indeed.

Yesterday, here in the office, I received the Rockabye Baby renditions of The Eagels. Gasp. "Peaceful Easy Feeling" is track 2. Effing "Hotel Crapifornia" is track 1. For this reason, and no other, I will never open the CD. Thank you.

Dalva said...

Good words.