Thursday, December 14, 2006

He's not even wearing gloves

Please read this very odd article reported by the BBC today. It describes an unconventional intervention that vets at a marine park in China resorted to after they were unable to treat two dolphins who swallowed plastic junk.

How on earth did they come up with this idea? Is anyone investigating their medical "credentials"? I picture them getting blotto at the local bar after a long day at the aquarium, feeling defeated. And then after the fifth or sixth round, one of them stands up and proclaims he has a brilliant idea. The others may initially laugh it off and call him a total dumb ass quack, but after a few more drinks they begin to reconsider. You know, it JUST MIGHT WORK!

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Rachel said...

OK, I am with you -- that story is just too strange. Poor Mr. Bao sounds like China's version of Spider Man. How often is he called in to deal with crazy issues like this? And are unusually small Chinese people going to be asked to crawl into whales to perform surgery soon?