Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We don't have the heart to take it down

I wonder, how long will the Cross Spider who this morning spun a GIGANTIC web across our front stoop, totally blocking our exit, stay in its current location? Anyone?


7:15 am:

"Christie, get down here! Quick!!"

"What is it?"

"It's a trap! Jesus!! That thing was just waiting for me to walk out half asleep and get tangled in that web and then it would have put its fangs right in my eye!!"


Unbelievable! The web really spans the entire front porch and there is no way around or under it. We watched (me from 5 inches, Scott from 5 feet) it as it finished putting the final strands in place. Touching the bottom of its abdomen to an anchoring thread, it would then pull away leaving a new length of web trailing behind, which would then be fixed in place with the gentle touch of its hind leg.


Christie, observing: "It's really beautiful."

Scott, in all seriousness: "Be careful! Don't let it jump on your face!!"


So we did what any nature lovers would do. We used the back door and left the spider in place.

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