Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Pity Da Fool

Last night I found a biggish spider on the stairs. I decided it was too big to leave inside, mostly because I didn't want Scott coming home and having a heart attack. Here it is with a quarter for scale (placed as close as I was willing to put my hand):

I placed a glass over it and then slipped the closest piece of printed material at hand--the mailing sleeve from my netflix DVD-- underneath, in order to transport it outside.

Well, it freaked out. It was furious. It started beating the glass, rearing up, and I swear its little fangs stood up. Notice how it is standing up on its hind legs!!

In fact, it was thrashing about to such a degree that I had to wait a while until it calmed down. I thought Mr. T's words expressed the spider's sentiments exactly (For some reason, the A-Team on DVD is being heavily advertised over here --look closely on the mailer sleeve).

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