Thursday, September 28, 2006

Exotic and Unfamiliar

My New Year's resolution for 2001 was to try, each week, to seek out, creatively prepare and enjoy a fruit or vegetable that I'd never had before. That winter I acquired a love for, among other foods, the elegant but overlooked parsnip, the misunderstood rutabaga, and that great underdog of tubers, the turnip.

This week, the veggie box people have thrown me a curve ball. Can anyone tell me what the hell this is and how do I prepare it?

Following this theme, I purchased duck eggs this morning on impulse at the supermarket. I have never eaten or even seen a duck egg. But it seemed like a good idea. They are produced by free range ducks raised by Clarence Court (see previous post regarding their eggs), and the duck featured on the box was irresistible. Could you say no to that face?
Now the next question is, what does one do with duck eggs? I thought I'd make a really rich quiche, so I bought these delicate, wild mushrooms and some really yummy French cheese. Wish me luck!


dita said...

Hmmm... mouthwatering pictures. What a nice resolution, by the way!

The "Space Veggie" is a Broccoli, a variety called Romanesco. It belongs to the incredibly variable species Brassica oleracea (to which also the cabbage and the collard greens belong!). It has a milder flavour than Broccoli, so don't spice it too much.

I don't remember having eaten duck eggs, but your idea of a soufflé sounds delicious.

stephen said...

Please allow me to introduce Sobremesa to B36 Kitchen.

I think youse'll get along smashingly.

CC said...

Thank you for the ID, Dita! It is a beautiful vegetable...

And thank you, Stephen. Cool site! I love the idea of posting recipes...I was actually planning to do that with a few upcoming meals too....