Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer corn and spider

Sucker that I am for agritainment, I went to Garson's this morning, my favorite spot in all of England (so far) for vegetables and fruit. It's a sprawling farm in Esher where you can stroll lazily through fields, Wellies on your feet, basket on your arm, picking berries or digging up carrots and feeling very bucolic. This week I picked corn, turnips, strawberries, raspberries, sunflowers and dahlias. Does anything beat an ear of just picked, late summer corn?

Also of note: We bought a car about three weeks ago. We discovered, right away, the presence of a large, furry spider living inside the driver side mirror. Each night it builds a fantastic web stretching from the mirror to the driver side door. Each morning, Scott drives 45 miles to his office on the A3 at 75mph and the web survives with minimal damage (which is reparied by the time Scott leaves the office in the evening). A feat of engineering! We have seen the spider only twice. I cannot understand why a spider living here, in the country, would chose the driver side mirror of our VW station wagon over the more stable, non-moving options that abound. I tried to photograph this morning's web. I will try again in different light (and maybe I'll even get the spider).

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