Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aunt Elsie & Uncle Charlie

Earlier this summer while visiting Scott's mom in New Hampshire, I photographed a trove of old family photos including many of Scott's great aunt & uncle, Elsie & Charlie. When Scott asked me to marry him last fall, he gave me Elsie's ring. Like us, they dated for 8 years before getting engaged and lived in Brooklyn. We're told they had a very happy, long marriage. One other similarity to present day Christie & Scott you might notice: is Scott not a dead ringer for Uncle Charlie? Eerily so? More importantly, how do we get Scott a suit like this??

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PhillyOutlaw said...

Wow! Scott is the spitting image of his Uncle Charlie.

Let’s get Scott suited up in some vintage duds, “toot sweet”:;catId=vintage

All kidding aside, you guys are GREAT together . . . continued wishes for much health and happiness.

Mike & Lizanne